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    What are you all using to treat HS and are you having any results?



    Humira every few weeks…



    yes it is manageable with Humira, though I still have a marked lack of energy to complete daily tasks.



    Humira actually works? I was seeing a dermatologist a few months back, but it wasnt approved yet and the side attacks was crazy.



    lidocaine + steroid injection in the flare they drain right then part of the way . i have Basel
    cell cancer nose and the Mississippi- Ohio river valley fungus in lung . so i can’t really use the humara



    Hi All,
    I’m Mariya John. I was suffering HS last 3 years. I searched about this disease and found about some information. I understood that many people are facing the same issues. And also I checked HS treatment but I was not ready for a surgery. That time, friend of mine introducing Padanjaly Agnijith product to me. In my experience, It’s a good product, It work slowly but effective. I’m deciding to share this information with all HS warriors. I am not trying to advertising any product to you. I hope its useful information for you all.




    Hello Everyone. I’m new to this forum. After 20 years of suffering with recently-diagnosed HS, I am considering using Humira. Can anyone currently using Humira for management advise as to the side effects they are experiencing?




    I have been diagnosed with HS for about 7 years now and I have had several surgeries. I started using Humira at the beginning of October and I am taking it every week. I have not seen any bad side-effects so far. It has helped though so much. The pain is A LOT less and I went from having horrible drainage in my underarms and groin area to now next to nothing. Even with bandages, my shirts were still pretty much soaked by the evening every day before I started the Humira. Now it is incredible how much of an improvement there has been. I would suggest talking to your dr to see about starting it. I wish I would have started a lot sooner.



    My dermatologist prescribed me with Roaccutane. Has anyone else been given this prescription? I’ve been on it for about 8 months now and it really hasn’t changed much. I am on a low dosage at the moment, however my dermatologist says that I can go to a higher dosage soon if I want to. The Roaccutane dries out my whole entire body, but seems like it doesn’t really affect the HS.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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