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    My 16 year old daughter had her first couple of outbreaks 2 years ago. We didn’t know it was HS until more recently when I met someone with the disease. Our dermatologist said she had acne in her armpits and put her on antibiotics. We have now been taking antibiotics for 2 years. She has acne on her face, shoulders and back so I didn’t think it was odd that she have it in her armpits and the meds helped. Now that she is older and I know what it is I want to be proactive. We are currently considering Acutaine for her acne but I have read some people get worse after and some get better. I have also considered getting her laser hair removal in her armpits and bikini area since she has such dark think hair. This was more for a cosmetic reason(she is one of those that can shave but you still see the hair). To top it off my daughter has hyperhidrosis which is a problem with excessive sweating which antiperspirant does not help.

    Currently I can tell she has a couple tiny scars in her armpits but has not had a major lump since starting the meds. So if anyone has any guidance for us we would appreciate it.
    Is hair removal a good or bad idea has anyone experienced this? If you could go back and get advice in the very beginning what would you do?



    I tried accutane with no results at all, just side effects.

    I haven’t heard anything bad about hair removal. In fact i’ve heard the opposite! Many people get good results.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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