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For details on how to apply, please follow the link of the trial you are interested in.

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Updated 11 July 2016


  1. Candice Allen

    I’m interested

  2. Stacey McGinley

    I would love to help in the study. CO2 laser would be my first choice.

  3. micheala bray

    I would be interested in joining. I am tired of constantly living in pain. My first choice would be CO2 lazer treatment.

  4. Crystal Talbert

    I would to try anything that might possibly help with this disease. I have it very bad on inner thighs and buttocks. I am always in pain.

  5. Jennifer Stickel

    I’m interested!!!

  6. Shayante Gossitt

    Interested CO2 laser first choice

  7. Shayante Gossitt

    Interested CO2 laser first choice pls

  8. Stacey Gray

    I’m interested in hearing more

  9. hssupport (Post author)

    Everyone that is interested, please follow the links to apply 🙂

  10. Iris truscott

    I was diagnosed with this condition a few years back, have trialled various antibiotics with no success as well as the surgical ‘deroofing’ which also has had no effect on its reoccurrence

  11. Patty McGonigle

    I’m interested in anything but surgery. Been there, done that. It didn’t help me

  12. Sarah

    I’m interested. Anything in Ohio?

    1. Judy

      Anybody available in Nebraska? Mine first started on my inner thighs and breasts, now just in my arm pits. No Dr. Around here has ever heard of HS

  13. David

    I’m in a lot of pain, have had multiple surgeries and interested in laser treatment. Any doctors available in the Washington,D.C. area for laser treatment?

  14. Laura Coe

    Would like more info on any and all clinical trials.

  15. Kerry

    I have had this disease since I was 24, I’m now 56 and it seems to be very active right now. I have been told by doctors that I have the kind that tracks through your body. Always in pain. I would like to be considered for your studies.
    Thank you

  16. Dina Dawood

    Hello my name is Dina dawood. I have had a gall bladder removal, chronis pancreatitis, lots of promblems with kidney stones i have had a few surgeries but 24 of them have come back. I also suffer from severe HS i was recently diagnosed but im pretty sure ive had small flare ups starting puberty. I have had cfs for the 20 years there are days having a shower is like working for r0 hours non-stop. I am in pain everyday i cant walk without pain its everywhere. I am 34 years of age and i am a single mother of have a 15 year old brautiful girl and a handsome 5 year old boy. I have had surgery recently on enormous flare ups on my breast and groin. Thankyou i apologize for my life story it feels great to finally let it out so Thankyou again. Kind regards from Ms Dina Dawood.

  17. Kay Weimer

    Hi all, I too am suffering from HS, I’ve had it since 1981. I have called it “the green eyed monster” for many years. I have had multiple surgeries as well, including a total mastectomy. I’ve never had a Dr who knew how to treat it other than antibiotics, Doxycycline helps keep it in control. I have started doing the lancing myself and have been on every conceivable antibiotic out there. Sometimes it takes over your life and is so debilitating. Nice too be antibiotics to talk to others who understand. Thanks so much. I welcome any and all suggestions.

  18. Sarah Walker

    Are There Any New Medication s For HS,Have Been On Humira Injection And Antibiotics


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