EU approves Humira for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

AbbVie’s Humira has gained an EU licence to be used for treating patients with moderate to severe Hidradenitis Suppurativa. The approval is based on the results of two 36-week, two-period pivotal Phase III studies in 633 people with moderate to severe HS.

This is the first approved treatment for Hidradenitis Suppurativa.


  1. bonnie walston

    I’m in Sussex county Delaware noone understands this here I have had over 300 surgery’s I’m willing to try anything can you help me please

  2. Caroline

    I feel like I have lost 4 years of my life due to this and the emotional and physical pain it has put my body through is beyond explainable. I should be in the prime of my life enjoying the salt air and sunahine and instead I feel sheltered and summoned to my loft. Scared to enjoy the ocean because of the water and with all the scars i have all over my body…well needless to say the bikini body has slip away over throughout this also…a drawer full of bathing suits I cant wear. I just want my life back. I am tired of feeling like a constant test project just leaving me with no further answers and more broe. If you can help me get my life back, that would be amazing! I used to be a very socialable outgoing person and now living through this and dealing with this on a daily basis mentally drains me everyday. I have enough…Im not even 35 years old yet and I feel like the stress I have endured throughout all this has aged me about 20 plus years. PLEASE HELP!
    Caroline Sala
    Charleston, SC

    1. Elizabeth

      I also live in Charleston, SC and live with the same problems. I feel like I am the only one around with these issues. Sorry but glad to hear I am not the only one. I love going out on the river and taking harbor cruises to Shem creek, but I see all these cute young girls in their swim suits and I wish I was them again. I too used to be super outgoing and now I feel like I stay in the shadows to hide my scars.

  3. Mariya

    I’m Mariya John from India. I was suffering from HS for the last 3 years. I searched about this disease and got some information about it. I understood that many people are facing the same issues. Also I checked HS treatment but I was not ready for a surgery. That time, one of my friend introduced Padanjaly Agnijith product to me. In my experience, it’s a good product, It work slowly but is effective.I have been using this for last 4 months and I can feel a good change. I’m sharing this information with you so that all HS affected people can get benefit from this.

  4. Ray Lee

    I have been on Remicade. For the past 3 years without an out rake. This coming Monday I’m starting on humaria. I just hope it does as well and that I can tolerate the side effects


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